Class Code: 4361

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Applies to employers that are in the business of photography and/or videography. The classification is all-inclusive in that it is applied to photographers or videographers that record interior or exterior images on film or digital media; laboratory technicians that process these images; and clerical, salespersons and drivers.

Code 4361 also applies to ground laboratory employees of aerial photographers or videographers.

Code 4361 includes employers in the business of operating centralized film development facilities and printing laboratories, and retail film development and print shops.

These laboratories may also provide a regular pickup and delivery service for photographic equipment stores, drugstores and similar sources where exposed film is left for processing. Retail store employees of film print laboratories are also assigned to Code 4361. The operations at centralized laboratories and film print shops involve opening envelopes; tagging or clipping the film; developing and printing the pictures; and the reverse operations of checking, inspecting and packaging the finished work for either mailing or delivery to stores or to individual customers.

Refer to Codes 4304 and 7610 for photographers and videographers employed by these enterprises.

Blueprint and photostat businesses serving architects, engineers, industrial engineering departments and business offices are assigned to Code 4361. The operations include making blueprint photostats, enlargements and similar reproductions of work supplied by their customers, including pickup and delivery service. For blueprints produced by means of a digital copier or scanner and digital printer only, refer to Code 8015. Microfilming of X-rays, hospital records and other documents for customers on a contract basis is also assigned to Code 4361.


(N/A FL)

Note:  Applies to developing and printing photographs from film or digital media.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 0.82

Construction Exemption Required: No