Class Code: 4352

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 4352 is applicable to the preparation of metal plates and the making of impressions upon paper stock, as in the production of engraved letterheads, announcement cards and envelopes, and includes the cutting of paper to size. Refer to Code 4351 for those risks engaged exclusively in photoengraving.

Engraving generally involves cutting the pattern or lettering onto a strip of copper or steel coated with a solution resistant to etching acids. The metal strip is then treated with acids which dissolve the uncoated metal, etching the lettering into the strip. The etching is then blocked and placed into a special press which treats the ink to raise it from the surface of the paper.

Platemaking which involves the use of a completely enclosed automated plate processor is assigned to Code 8810—Artists, Designers or Clerical Office Employees if the following operations take place in a physically separated department with no interchange of labor beyond other clerical functions.

The plate processor used is similar in nature to a typical photocopy machine commonly found in offices. This type of plate processor utilizes aqueous, non-toxic solutions and thin-gauge metal or similar material. It automatically develops, desensitizes, gums and dries in one operation. The operator does not come in contact with the solutions but merely feeds a plate into the processor. Once the plate processing is completed, the finished thin-gauge plate exits the processor thoroughly dry.

Code 4352 also contemplates those risks engaged in decorating china, ceramics or glass by hand.

Additional operations that have been assigned by analogy to Code 4352 include decorating of night lights by hand; applications of decals to dishes by hand, manufacture of Christmas ornaments from pasta by hand, and painting of Christmas balls by hand.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.25

Construction Exemption Required: No