Class Code: 4351

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Photoengraving involves the process of reproducing graphic material by transferring the graphic image photomechanically to a plate or other surface in etched relief for printing. Code 4351 contemplates photographing the image and the development of negatives used in the photoengraving process.

The process begins by placing the negative over a sensitized metal plate. The plate is then exposed to an arc light, which causes the image to be transferred to it and developed. Acid-resisting substances are applied to that portion of the plate’s surface containing the image. The plate is then immersed in an acid solution and coated by brush with the acid eating away all nonacid-resisting material. The plate is then refined by means of a rotating machine to remove excess metal and a beveling machine to bevel the plate. The plate is then mounted on a wood or metal base to keep it even with the other type. An engraver will usually clean the plate and perform any fine finishing which may require occasional hand engraving of additional designs. Refer to Scope 4352 for those risks which specialize in engraving and the making of impressions on paper stock.

Photoengraving performed by a newspaper publisher is considered incidental to the publishing operation and is assigned to Code 4304. Photoengraving performed by a printing shop is considered incidental to the printing operations and is assigned to Code 4299.

Platemaking that involves the use of a completely enclosed automated plate processor is assigned to Code 8810—Artists, Designers or Clerical Office Employees if the operations take place in a physically separated department with no interchange of labor beyond other clerical functions. The plate processor used is similar in nature to a typical photocopy machine commonly found in offices. This type of plate processor utilizes aqueous, non-toxic solutions and thin-gauge metal or similar material. It automatically develops, desensitizes, gums and dries in one operation. The operator does not come in contact with the solutions but merely feeds a plate into the processor. Once the plate processing is completed, the finished thin-gauge plate exits the processor thoroughly dry.

State Addendum
Massachusetts The manufacture of circuit boards exclusively, without assembly of the electronic components onto the printed circuit board, is properly assigned to Code 4351. Refer to Code 3681 for insureds that manufacture printed circuit boards and also assemble the electronic components onto the boards.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 0.89

Construction Exemption Required: No