Class Code: 4307

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 4307 is applied to insureds engaged in bookbinding. The classification contemplates “hard case” binding requiring considerable handwork and technique as well as binding performed by specialized machinery. Printed pages, cardboard, leather, canvas, bookbinders’ cloth, coated paper, cords or tapes, thread, paste, glue, ink and gold leaf are received from others. Pages are folded in units called signatures, each of which is made from 1 to 16 folded sheets yielding 4 to 64 pages. The signatures are sewn together and to each other by hand or machine, the stitches passing through the folds and over cords or tapes and cloth which have been pasted as an anchor to the folded edge or spine of the book. Endpapers used for flyleaves and linings are attached to the spine. Cardboard of the required thickness is cut to size and covered with leather or cloth which may be embossed with gold leaf or ink. The book is assembled into the cover by hand or machine and the lining is glued to the cover. Pressure is applied, backs are rounded and, in some cases, pages are edged with gold leaf or rough edged followed by inspection. Code 4307 also is applied to insureds engaged in restoring old or damaged books utilizing any or all of the described operations.

State Addendum
Massachusetts The manufacture of sample books is additionally assigned to Code 4307. An example of this operation is the assembly of carpet catalogs. These books may contain an actual carpet sample glued to a piece of cardboard which forms a page in the book, along with information pertaining to the carpet such as cost and available colors.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.44

Construction Exemption Required: No