Class Code: 4250

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 4250 contemplates operations involving various kinds of coatings and colors that are mixed in mixers or agitators and run into troughs of coating machines. Rolls of paper are coated as they pass over rolls revolving through this mixture. Paper is dried on rolls or stacks, some polished or embossed, finished by calendaring, slitting to desired widths and rewinding or sheeting to size, then labeling and packing. Some products are printed with advertising material before the coating or on the reverse side, after this operation.

In the manufacture of oiled, paraffined or waxed paper, the paper is printed as required. Waxes or oils are heated and mixed, and paper is run through a waxing machine and over a drying roll, cut, slit, rewound on spools, some sheeted or die cut, wrapped and packed.

Paper is corrugated by being slowly passed over a steam- or gas-heated uniformly ridged metal drum, then revolved around a roll covered with silicate of soda, which is deposited on the tips of the corrugation.

It is then moved along until it meets a paper liner; both travel, under pressure, over heated plates where they are combined and dried. If a double facing is desired, the single-faced paper travels back again into the silicate roll and a second liner is applied by the same process. It is then trimmed on a slitter and wound into rolls or cut into sheets, tied and packed.

Laminated paper is produced by feeding a paste or glue between layers of paper, pressing them together, drying and finishing by winding into rolls or sheeting to size, or else by cutting, slitting, or die cutting to size and shape, wrapping and tying into bundles.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.91

Construction Exemption Required: No