Class Code: 4244

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 4244 is assigned to risks that manufacture corrugated or fiberboard containers. Paper or paperboard is run over gas or steam corrugating rolls, then over silicate of soda roll, after which it is combined with either single or double facings. This combination travels over flat hot bed plates to affect adhesion and drying, then to the knife end of the machine where the paper is cut to sheet size and slit to width. Fiberboard is built up by the same process, except it is not corrugated. Code 4244 applies to the manufacture of fiberboard and corrugated containers and is assigned to operations involving the lamination or corrugation of paper, paperboard or fiberboard. Some insureds receive their paper already corrugated or laminated. The product is then printed, scored, creased to product shape and dimensions, corners cut or slotted, sides folded and taped, bundled and shipped in this flat condition or set up by reinforcing sides with metal fasteners, clips or staples.

This classification is assigned to the fabrication of honeycomb products used for padding in shipping containers and a filler for hollow core flush doors.

State Addendum
Massachusetts Code 4244 also applies to insureds engaged in the manufacture of products whose substance is composed of compressed vegetable fiber such as but not limited to rag stock, sawdust, cotton waste, straw, scrap paper and sheet paper received from others.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.71

Construction Exemption Required: No