Class Code: 4239

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 4239 is applied to insureds that manufacture paper. The operations commence with pulp stock being fed into the papermaking machine. The pulp stock is not manufactured on site; it is received from others. The pulp is gradually formed into paper by passing through various rolls. The paper is then run over hot rolls called calendars, and the surface is finished before being wound onto jumbo rolls. Some rolls are shipped to customers without further processing, while others are finished by sheeting and plating to produce writing, ledger, and bond paper, which is packaged and shipped. This code is applicable to operations producing newsprint either exclusively or in conjunction with other paper products.

Equipment and Materials:

•    Fourdrinier machine—the actual papermaking machine
•    Press rolls
•    Drying rolls
•    Size press
•    Calendar—a pair of opposing, smooth-finished steel rolls that squeeze the paper under hydraulic pressure. It smoothes the paper and produces a uniform thickness.
•    Reel rewinder


(N/A MA, TX)


Code 4239 also is applied to insureds that manufacture particleboard, chipboard, cardboard, bristol board, paper board, straw board, fiberboard and leather board. The operations commence with pulp stock, received from others, filling pans or molds along with wastepaper, glue, powdered plastic, etc. The filled pans are placed in hydraulic presses where heat and pressure produce solid boards. After the boards have been cured they are removed from the pans, cut to size by table saws, stacked, and shipped.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.43

Construction Exemption Required: No