Class Code: 4207

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 4207 is applied to operations engaged in the manufacture of pulp utilizing a chemical process. Debarked logs and wood chips, wastepaper, rags, textile mill wastes, and various chemicals, depending on the specific process to be utilized, are received from others. However, debarking and chipping mill operations are included within the scope of this classification if the operations are performed at the pulp mill. The chips are fed, usually by gravity, to digesters, where they are penetrated by the particular chemical. Kraft (Sulphate) is widely used because of its ability to process many types of wood. A digester is a vessel used to treat cellulose materials with chemicals under elevated pressure and temperature, producing pulp for papermaking. Some digesters are equipped with circulating systems, which maintain uniform temperature and concentration of the liquor during cooking. The waste product of the chemical soaking is called liquor. Waste liquor is drained from the pulp and the pulp is washed, screened, thickened to the proper consistency by removal of the proper amount of wash water, and then bleached to the desired color.

Code 4207 is applicable to any pulp manufacturing process involving chemical breakdown. The chemical process does not involve any wood grinding. The fibrous and nonfibrous components are separated. Lignin is a nonfibrous component that is dissolved during the chemical soaking process. The fibers are less damaged resulting in a high quality product. The finished pulp is shipped to the designated customer.

Refer to Class Code 4206 for pulp manufacturing using a ground wood/mechanical process.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.85

Construction Exemption Required: No