Class Code: 4206

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 4206 is applied to operations engaged in the manufacture of pulp utilizing a wood grinding process. Debarked logs and wood chips are received from others. However, debarking and chipping mill operations are included within the scope of this classification if the operations are performed at the pulp mill. The ground wood process includes the following: mechanical, thermomechanical (TMP), and chemi-thermomechanical (CTMP). Mechanical pulping utilizes mechanical force by grinding the logs or chips with rotating grindstones thereby separating the fibers and softening the lignin. Thermomechanical pulping preheats wood chips prior to the grinding process. Chemi-thermomechanical uses a chemical treatment in addition to preheating the wood chips prior to grinding.

Code 4206 is applicable to any pulp manufacturing process involving wood grinding. In all ground wood processes, the lignin, which is the glue binding the fibers, is left intact and not removed from the resulting fibers. After grinding, the pulp is washed and screened to remove coarse or oversized fibers. After screening, the pulp may be thickened and bleached before being shipped to newsprint, wallpaper, wallboard or other designated customers.

Refer to Code 4207 for pulp manufacturing using a chemical process.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 3.23

Construction Exemption Required: No