Class Code: 4133

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 4133 is assigned to insureds engaged in the manufacture of cathedral or art glass windows or stained glass windows. The manufacture of stained glass is contemplated within the scope of this classification and involves the mixing of sand, soda ash and metal oxides, received from others. The raw materials are melted in a furnace and the molten glass is either rolled into sheets by machine or blown into long balloon shapes that are slit open and flattened by reheating. Color is added to its surface while it is still in the molten state. Some insureds purchase their stained glass from others. In the production of the product a substantial proportion of artistic hand labor is involved. Drawing and stiff pattern paper, carbon paper, masking tape, kerosene, standard, flat and rounded H-lead cames, wire solder and putty are received from others. Duplicate copies of the original design are prepared. One copy is cut up to make patterns for cutting each piece of glass; the other is the leading guide onto which the cames are placed. After all glass for a particular pattern is cut, the individual segments are set in place on the leading guide by pressing into the channels of the lead came. All joints are then fluxed and soldered, and putty is pushed into all open spaces between the glass and the cames. The completed window is cleaned, inspected and prepared for shipment. While the lead came technique is older and more widely used, some master glaziers will use copper foil instead of lead cames and others will use both techniques.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.16

Construction Exemption Required: No