Class Code: 4034

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 4034 is applied to insureds engaged in the manufacture of concrete products as a commercial enterprise operated at a permanent location. This classification is not intended for plants operated at construction sites or for temporary plants of construction contractors which have been established for the purpose of furnishing products for their own construction jobs.

This interpretation does not preclude the assignment of a construction or erection classification for the installation or erection of concrete products manufactured by a plant operating at a permanent location. For example, an insured may manufacture concrete pre-stressed beams in a plant at a permanent location. In the event the insured also erects these beams, the proper concrete erection classification is applicable for the erection activities.

Sand, gravel, cement, cinders, aggregates, mesh wire and rods are received from others. It is not uncommon to find plastics also used as a raw material along with the above. The raw materials are mixed with water and fed into either molds or forming machines. In some instances, heavy mesh wire or rods are inserted into the molds for strength. The formed products are usually steam dried and placed in the yard for curing, prior to shipment.

In addition to the products listed in this classification’s footnote, Code 4034 contemplates the manufacture of concrete products such as patio blocks, roofing tiles, lawn ornaments, garden furniture, grills, sills, ornamental figures and architectural units such as cornices. Also, the manufacture of heavier concrete products such as modular homes, coffins, caskets and burial vaults or pre-cast or pre-stressed beams or girders is assigned to this classification.

The manufacture of concrete panels is contemplated by Code 4034. These operations generally consist of the cutting and welding of metal to form a frame. Concrete fiberboard is then attached to the frame. Additional steps may involve the application of an adhesive to the frame and the attachment thereto of decorative material such as crushed rock, gravel, ceramic tile or brick. In those instances where metal framing is fabricated by an insured who is engaged in the manufacture of the concrete panel, this metal work is considered incidental and is also assigned to Code 4034.

The lining of pipes with concrete is classified to Code 4034.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 5.34

Construction Exemption Required: No