Class Code: 4000

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 4000 is applied to risks engaged in digging or dredging of sand or gravel. The material is excavated from surface pits with mechanical equipment such as power shovels, draglines, clamshell diggers or cranes, or obtained from non-navigable waters by means of hydraulic dredges, clamshell dredges, etc. The sand is then conveyed from the bank, pit or dredge to hoppers by trucks, belt conveyors, narrow gauge railroads or pipelines. It is then washed, graded, screened and stored in bins, hoppers or piles for delivery by truck or rail to customers. Sand or gravel in its natural state usually requires only screening with the larger stones being rejected. However, when the rejected material is run through a crusher and then rescreened, we consider the crushing operation incidental to the major operation provided that the principal business of the insured is sand or gravel digging. This interpretation is intended to distinguish crushing operations by sand and gravel dealers from rock crushing operations that take place in connection with quarrying operations.

This classification is also applied to the digging and stripping of diatomite, shale (from strip mines), marl, peat moss or humus, overburden and clay (including grading, sorting, drying, crushing, excavation with hand tools, silt scraping and digging by cement manufacturers). Excavation for fill dirt and digging of stone specifically for a stone crushing plant have also been placed under Code 4000.

Refer to Code 1624 for quarry operations which involve the removal of rocks from the earth.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 3.75

Construction Exemption Required: No