Class Code: 3824

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 3824 applies to employers that manufacture or assemble automobile, bus, truck, or trailer bodies that are not otherwise classified. Refer to Code 3822 for similar manufacturing or assembly operations that involve die-pressed steel.

The term “die-pressed” refers to stamped auto body parts such as doors, fenders, and hoods. These die-pressed parts are formed by forcing sheet metal into contact with a die that is the exact configuration of the part that is formed.

Employers assigned to Code 3824 may receive parts from others or fabricate the chassis and other parts required to produce the bodies. All parts are then assembled to produce the automobile, bus, truck, or trailer bodies.

The installation of interior trailer equipment by employers that manufacture trailer bodies is included in Code 3824.

Code 3824 is also assigned to the manufacture or repair of boat trailers and shipping containers (boxes used to haul containerized cargo by ship, rail, or air), provided that die-pressed steel is not used.

Code 3824 is also assigned to employers that repair or service bus, truck, or trailer bodies not made of die-pressed steel. Repair or service as used in this sense refers to replacing nonmechanical parts or forming, trimming, and finishing the parts to be replaced and welding the parts into position. Refer to Code 8393 for specialists that repair or service automobile bodies.

Code 9505 applies to employees who paint in conjunction with repairing or manufacturing automobile, bus, truck, or trailer bodies. The operations involve sanding, masking, spray painting, and baking. Division of payroll is permitted for these operations, provided that they meet the requirements of Basic Manual Rule 1-D-3.

Refer to Code 2797 for employers that manufacture nonmotorized construction, home-type, medical, and bank trailers.

Code 3824 is not assigned to employers that solely perform bus, truck, or trailer repair or service operations in the following states:

8393 Indiana 8393 North Carolina
8393 Missouri 8393 Virginia

Oregon—Code 8393—Automobile Body Repair and Drivers and Codes 3822 and 3824—Automobile—Body Mfg.—Bus, Truck or Trailer—NOC must not be assigned to the same employer unless the operations described by these classifications are conducted as separate and distinct businesses.

Wisconsin—refer to bureau.

Standard Basic Manual rules pertaining to division of payroll apply to employers in states that manufacture as well as repair bus, truck, or trailer bodies.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.79

Construction Exemption Required: No