Class Code: 3385

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 3385 is applied to those insureds that manufacture “traditional” watches and clocks and/or manufacture electronic watches and clocks. By traditional, we refer to watches and clocks that contain gears, springs and may contain gems. (e.g., 17-jewel watch). These watches or clocks may be powered by springs using self-winding mechanisms or springs that may require manual winding. Certain of these devices may also be powered by batteries or by plugging the device into a standard wall outlet. Electronic watches or clocks contain small circuit boards and are powered by battery or by plugging the device as required into a standard wall outlet.

Metals (e.g., gold, steel, silver, certain alloys, etc.) in sheet, bar, tubular and wire form and components such as standard fasteners, watch cases, watchbands, gems, electric cords, paints, lacquers and thinners are received from others.

Manufacturing operations may involve the casting of metal, blanking, punching, turning, grinding, heat-treating and plating as required. Assembly of the actual timekeeping mechanism may range from an extremely intricate process of assembling gears, watch hands, etc., to merely inserting the preassembled timekeeping mechanism into the watch or clock’s housing.

The repair of cameras, projectors and other precision photographic equipment is assigned to Code 3385 by analogy as the work is primarily precision bench work using small tools such as tweezers, jeweler’s screwdrivers and magnifiers.

Refer to Code 8013—Jewelry Store for risks that sell watches and clocks. Refer to Code 3383 for the manufacture of watch cases.

State Addendum
Massachusetts Camera repair work performed principally for other dealers is assigned to Code 3385. Camera repair work incidental to a store operation—assign to the appropriate store class. Refer to Code 3381 for risks engaged in the manufacture of watch cases.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 0.75

Construction Exemption Required: No