Class Code: 3315

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

This classification involves a variety of operations such as the processing of brass or copper sheets by stamping, hammering, spinning, riveting and brazing. It also applies to the machining of brass or copper castings, bars or tubes by the use of lathes, shapers, millers, etc. Plating and polishing operations engage a considerable percentage of the employees. Nominal foundry operations are also contemplated although in some instances the articles manufactured are made from castings received from outside foundry risks. Products typical of this assignment are hose stems, blow guns, hose clamps, hose couplings, blow valves, spring oilers, pencil sharpeners, bottle caps, oil cans, flashlight cases, copper coils, hub caps, curtain rods, picture hooks, grease cups, fire extinguishers, cooking utensils, bearings, lightning rods, candle holders, crucifixes, bird cages, lamp stands, buckles, buttons, ornaments, funnels, cheap jewelry, etc.

Cartridge or shell case manufacturing. Strips of metal stock (1/2- or 3/4-inch thick) are fed through blanking presses to fabricate shell case blanks. The first operation on the blanks is cupping; then draws are made with annealing and washing between each draw. The cupped and drawn cases are then sent to the annealing furnaces. After drawing, the cases are trimmed and the heads are formed. (This is a press operation.) Primer holes are pierced, heads are turned, the nose taper is drawn, and the cases are given a final washing and inspected for length, size, wall thickness, chamber fit, etc. Any scratches are buffed and burred out. This class is applied to the production of cartridge or shell cases of 20mm and above.

State Addendum
Massachusetts With the exception of cartridge case or shell manufacturing, assignment to Code 3315 is predicated on the requirement that the principal raw material used must be composed of brass or copper stock in casting, bar, tube or sheet form. Specific products typically associated with Code 3315, curtain rods or fire extinguishers, for example, if produced from raw materials other than the noted non-ferrous metals, would not qualify for assignment to Code 3315.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.52

Construction Exemption Required: No