Class Code: 3270

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 3270 is applied to employers that manufacture a variety of products in addition to eyelets, some of which are grommets, snap fasteners, hooks and eyes, safety pins, straight pins, staples, tacks and nails. While press work is performed by some employers, a good amount of work is performed on automatic clip and wire forming machines. Light gauge sheet strip and reels of drawn wire are received from others and fed into the machines automatically, and the finished products dropped out of the machines into boxes or baskets. Some products may require such secondary machining as piercing and trimming, plating, annealing and deburring. This classification is also applied to employers that manufacture safety razors by metal stamping, plating and finishing. These employers may also manufacture safety razor blades. Ribbon steel is received in rolls from others and run through self-fed punch presses. The steel strip is blanked out and run through a breaking machine that snaps the ribbon to length. The blades are then heat-treated, blued, ground, cleaned, stripped and packed, all by automatic machines.

State Addendum
Massachusetts Risks engaged in the manufacture of grommets and snap fasteners are assigned to Code 3131, not Code 3270. Refer to Code 3120 for risks engaged in the manufacture of safety razors and/or safety razor blades.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.60

Construction Exemption Required: No