Class Code: 3111

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 3111 is applied to insureds engaged in blacksmithing as a commercial enterprise. Iron bars or strips and other metals are heated in a forge fired by coal, coke, gas or oil and formed into various shapes by hammering, bending and twisting. These operations are usually done by hand. Incidental welding, grinding, tool tempering and sharpening may be performed to complete forged metal parts needed in the manufacture or repair of machinery or special tools. This classification is also applied to a blacksmith or farrier who shoes horses or mules.

Code 3111 is also applied to insureds engaged in pipe bending and cutting according to their customers’ specification(s). The bending really is the controlling element of insureds contemplated under the scope of this classification in that they make coil pipes of various sizes, either ferrous or non-ferrous, and bend large steam pipes or other types of pipes received from others. The pipes are heated by portable torches, or in ovens, to the desired temperature to enable bending and cutting to specification. This classification is also applied to insureds engaged in fabricating hydraulic bent tube assemblies and special manifolds from steel tubing received from outside sources. The operations involve the use of automatic and manual cutting saws, hydraulic machine tools for deburring and flaring, hydraulic tools for bending, induction braising and arc welding and minor amounts of milling and drilling. The assemblies are then dipped, cleaned and coated.

State Addendum
Massachusetts Code 3111 also applies to risks engaged in all forms of heat-treating for other concerns. The operations involve heat-treating and annealing of metals by means of controlled applications of heat. These processes alter the physical and chemical properties of refined metal in order to produce suitable hardness, toughness, ductility or strength for use in products such as machine parts, dies or edged tools.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.46

Construction Exemption Required: No