Class Code: 3076

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 3076 is applied to the manufacturing of various products made from sheet metal, aluminum sheet stock, copper or brass sheet stock, Monel metal, and stainless steel. Sheet metal product manufacturing involves the receipt of purchased sheet stock. The sheet stock is sheared to size and is notched, punched, bent, formed, deburred, and sanded to specifications. Some products may require extensive assembling and finishing with paint, enamel, porcelain, or similar baked finishes. These operations require little or no stamping or forming presses.

The manufacture of the following metal products is typical of the type included within this code: sheet metal collecting jackets for hot air furnaces, air-conditioning ducts, culverts, drains, skylights, gutters, downspouts, water troughs, grain bins, sectional buildings fabricated at the shop, copper gutters, weather stripping utilizing sheet metal shop equipment, light sheet metal panels, partitions, shelving, lockers, garment racks, ice cream cabinets, incubators, radiator cabinets or shields, steam tables, warming ovens, water coolers, sinks, counters, and various sheet metal automotive parts that do not require extensive stamping or forming.

Code 3076 is applicable to the fabrication of doors made exclusively from metal. The manufacturing of “light” metal doors is contemplated by Code 3076. “Light metal” is defined as having a gauge greater than 11.

The manufacturing of metal mesh satellite dishes is assigned to Code 3076. When the electronic portion of the dish is premanufactured by others and is merely bolted in place by the dish manufacturer, Code 3076 is applicable to the entire operation.

The manufacturing of metal furniture, metal bedsteads, and metal caskets or coffins also falls within the scope of this classification. Sheet metal, copper sheet, or bronze sheet is used in the manufacturing of caskets and coffins. The metals are sheared, formed on punch presses, assembled by welding, smoothed by grinding, sprayed, and hand rubbed. Hardware (die cast or stamped) is then attached. Upholstering is subject to a division of payroll.

Code 3076 includes the manufacturing of products requiring the sheathing of a wood core with sheet metal. Besides doors and door frames, the classification includes sash manufacturing, which covers window frames. The operations involve the usual woodworking machine exposure as well as punch pressing, sheathing, and welding, which are present in varying degrees. Oftentimes, these businesses fabricate the trolley or tracking devices from which metal-covered doors operate.

Analogy Assignments:

By analogy, the manufacture of cryogenic devices, evaporative coolers, and household or commercial tanning beds is afforded a similar classification treatment as stated in the preceding paragraph. Code 3179 applies to the assembly of the electronic parts for the tanning beds, and Code 3076 applies to the manufacturing of the metal units that house the electronic parts.

Equipment and Materials:

The operations involve the use of:

•    Manual and power shears
•    Metal bending machines such as press brakes and bending rolls—manual, hydraulic-powered, and mechanical
•    Punches
•    Riveters
•    Welding equipment
•    Stamping and punch presses
•    CNC precision machines

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 3076:

•    The manufacturing of “heavy” metal doors is included in Code 3040. “Heavy metal” is defined as metal having a gauge of 11 or lower.
•    If a metal mesh satellite dish manufacturer purchases electronic components such as circuit boards, transistors, and condensers, and manufactures or assembles the electronic receiving portion of the dish, this portion of the operation is assigned to Code 3681 provided that the Basic Manual rules concerning division of payroll are met.
•    Refer to Code 3179—Electrical Apparatus Mfg. NOC for manufacturers of metal household or commercial refrigerators that produce or assemble refrigeration units. All other operations related to metal refrigerator manufacturing are assigned to Code 3076. The use of both codes is permitted when manual rules pertaining to division of a single employee’s payroll and physical separation of operations are met.
•    Refer to Code 3400 for metal stamped goods manufacturing.


(N/A MA)

Note:  Includes the manufacture of cowling, wing components, tabs, and ailerons. Codes 3076 and 3830 must not be assigned to the same risk unless the operations described by these classifications are conducted as separate and distinct businesses.

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 3076:

•    Refer to Code 3830—Airplane Mfg. for insureds that manufacture complete aircrafts or those insureds that manufacture and/or assemble a complete wing from component parts manufactured from others that are classified to Code 3076.


(N/A MA, NM)

Note:  Erection, installation, or repair operations to be separately rated.


(N/A MA)

Note:  Installation, erection, and repair to be separately rated to Code 5535.


An insured that exclusively manufactures metal awnings is classified to Code 3076 as is the insured that manufactures both metal awnings and canvas products.


(N/A MA)


This cross-reference is applied to insureds that form copper sheet metal products not covered by other copper metal classifications. The manufacturing of copper gutters, down spouts, and weather stripping utilizing sheet metal shop equipment is classified to Code 3076.


(N/A MA)


The manufacturing of jalousie or jalousie screens is assigned to Code 3076.


(N/A MA)


With regard to the manufacturing of household or commercial refrigeration units, the assembly or manufacturing of the refrigerating unit is assigned to Code 3179, while all other operations involving the manufacturing of this product are assigned to Code 3076. The use of both codes is permitted when manual rules pertaining to division of a single employee’s payroll and physical separation of operations are met.


(N/A IL)


Code 3076 additionally includes soda water fountain manufacturing, which involves machining and assembling of the auxiliary equipment that is part of many soda water fountains. While marble is not used extensively today, Code 3076 would cover the drilling and polishing of marble if it were used to form a part of the fountain.

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 3076:

•    Refer to Code 3179—Electrical Apparatus Mfg. NOC for the manufacturing and assembly of the electronic parts for soda water fountain or apparatus manufacturing.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.93

Construction Exemption Required: No