Class Code: 3041

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 3041 applies to the manufacturing, fabricating or assembling of decorative or artistic brass, bronze or iron work. While the words “decorative” or “artistic” may also be analogous to the word “ornamental” in everyday usage, ornamental as used in the metal trades refers to “rough” forms of metal work. Thus the fabrication of ornamental iron or steel products such as iron railings, balconies, fire escapes and staircases is classified to Code 3040—Iron or Steel—Fabrication—Iron Works—Shop—Ornamental.

Insureds contemplated by Code 3041 will usually employ draftsmen and highly skilled craftsmen with artistic talent and imagination who will create designs to meet the specifications of individual customers. The resulting products are of an artistic nature, used for decorative as opposed to functional purposes. Brass, bronze or iron memorial plaques, wall facades, wrought iron facings, sun dials and hand-formed sculptures are some of the products contemplated by Code 3041.

The manufacture of wrought iron furniture is also classified to Code 3041.

Refer to Code 3030 for risks engaged in the fabrication of structural iron or steel. Refer to Code 3336—Type Foundry for those risks who manufacture metal castings of an artistic nature by the lost wax process.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.73

Construction Exemption Required: No