Class Code: 3040

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 3040 is applicable to insureds who fabricate nonstructural iron or steel work such as window frames, jig frames, window gratings, grill pieces and platforms as well as the items cited in this classification’s footnote.

The following classification procedure is applicable to the fabrication of doors made exclusively from metal. The manufacture of “heavy” metal doors is contemplated by Code 3040. The manufacture of “light” metal doors is contemplated by Code 3076. For purposes of this interpretation, “heavy metal” is defined as metal having a gauge of 11 or lower. “Light metal” is defined as having a gauge greater than 11.

Ornamental, as referenced in Code 3040’s footnote, refers to rough forms of work on the products produced. The trade designation of “ornamental” refers to decorative or artistic items having a functional or utilitarian value. Ornamental does not contemplate iron or steel fabrication work which produces products that are primarily intended to be decorative or artistic. Refer to Code 3041 for this type of work. Additionally, ornamental does not refer to iron or steel fabrication of structural products. Refer to Code 3030 for this exposure.

Code 3040 operations usually consist of the laying out of the various type stock size angles, bars, rods or sheets; the marking out of the pieces; and the cutting, sawing, drilling, punching, riveting, bolting or welding of the pieces into the desired nonstructural product.

The manufacture of aircraft landing mats by a welding process is additionally assigned to Code 3040.

Refer to Code 3507 for risks engaged in iron or steel fabrication for the manufacture of heavy machinery.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 4.18

Construction Exemption Required: No