Class Code: 2881

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 2881 applies to employers that receive furniture parts such as tabletops, table legs, chair parts, bedsteads and other wood furniture pieces from outside sources and assemble same into final products. Upholstery work in connection with such products is assigned to Code 9522. Code 2881 includes some finishing work—such as trimming, sanding, polishing and painting—on furniture parts; however, employers classified to this code do not perform extensive machine processing.

Code 2881 applies to the assembly of metal, wood or plastic venetian blinds when such operations are confined to assembly from manufactured parts received from others. The classification includes cutting of slats, ribbon stock, rails or cornices and drilling of holes.

Code 2881 covers the assembly of both slack cooperage (to hold dry materials) and tight cooperage (to hold liquids). The assembly of complete kegs, casks, barrels, tubs and tobacco hogsheads falls under this classification, as well as the assembly of collapsible hogshead units.

When assembling slack cooperage, the required amount of finished staves (received from stock manufacturers) is placed in a setting-up form, following which the wood is dried over a stove or patent heater, which increases stave flexibility. The staves are then forced together in a bending press by means of a windlass. Hoopers and trimmers fit hoops and trim up the ends of the staves. Then a crozer cuts the bevel and groove into which the heads fit. Heads are put into position, and the last hoops are forced into place.

Similar operations are followed in the assembly of tight cooperage, but greater care and skill are required and the machinery is usually more elaborate. Also, tight cooperage is sent through steamers and steamed to gain a closer fit prior to being windlassed by power. Many tight barrels are inserted in a lathe and turned against a smoothing plane to obtain a better finish.

The last operation in tight cooperage assembly consists of testing; if leaks are found, they are repaired.

Analogy Assignments:

Employers that manufacture clocks by attaching clock bodies received from others to wood that has been precut by others are classified to Code 2881. These employers may paste a clock face onto the wood and then spread a resin over the face as well as the wood.

Employers that assemble wood plaques and trophies from premanufactured parts received from others using gluing and/or resin coating methods, and also engrave information on these trophies, are classified to Code 2881, as are employers that assemble picture frames from premanufactured parts received from others.

Additional Applications and Information:

While Code 2881 is primarily intended to apply to assembly operations of premanufactured parts received from others, an exception is made for wooden coffin or casket manufacturers that manufacture and assemble parts into finished wooden caskets or coffins.

Wood is cut to predetermined lengths and widths, planed to thickness, sanded and shaped. Sections are built up with two or more layers of wood, and shaped molding is attached. The product is assembled by nails, glue or screws. It is sanded, stained, and dried, and a lacquer finish is applied by spray gun. This is followed by oven or air drying, polishing and inspection. In some cases, the wood casket parts are received prefabricated from outside sources and assembled, followed by finishing work. The hardware, such as hinges and handles, may be received from outside already electroplated and polished. In some cases, the employer may make the hardware by die casting or by stamping from metal, followed by electroplating and polishing. Upholstering is classified to Code 9522.

Special Conditions:

Code 2881 also includes employers that manufacture wooden signs without the use of power machinery or without painting the signs. Refer to Code 2883 for employers that manufacture signs using power machinery. Refer to Code 9501 for employers that manufacture wooden signs and also paint them.

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 2881:

Refer to Code 2883 for cabinet works and furniture manufacturing using power machinery.


(N/A KY, TX)

Note:  Stock mfg. to be separately rated as Code 2735—Barrel stock mfg.


(N/A TX)

Note:  Includes the manufacturing of metal fittings.


(N/A MS, TX)

Note:  Includes the manufacturing of metal fittings.


(N/A TX)

Note:  Stock mfg. to be separately rated as Code 2735—Cooperage stock mfg.


(N/A TX)


(N/A HI, TX)

Note:  Applies to assembly from manufactured parts. Includes finishing. Shall not be assigned to a risk engaged in operations described by another classification unless the operations subject to Code 2881 are conducted as a separate and distinct business.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.48

Construction Exemption Required: No