Class Code: 2735

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 2735 is applied to insureds which manufacture various wooden products described in this scope. The machinery used by insureds classified under this code typically includes circular or band ripsaws, bolt saws, stave saws, cutoff saws, heading saws, jointers and planers.

The manufacture of various sawed lumber wood parts for furniture such as tabletops, table legs, chair parts, panels for beds and other wood pieces for furniture is contemplated by Code 2735. These parts are cut to dimension and shipped unfinished and unassembled to the purchaser. The operations generally involve sawing, planing, wood turning, mortising, tenoning, sanding, etc.

Code 2735 is also applicable to cooperage stock and barrel stock manufacturing. Operations contemplated include wood machining operations to produce heads, hoops or staves from rough lumber or rough cut stave and head blanks. The staves, hoops and heads will vary in size and shape, some staves being straight, others being curved. This is dependent upon the customer’s use of the cooperage stock, i.e., whether the staves, heads or hoops will be used to produce kegs, casks, barrels, tubs or tobacco hogsheads.

Code 2735 includes the manufacture of last blocks, which are used by the boot and shoe industry. The manufacture of the blocks requires the use of heavy sawing equipment.

The manufacturers of wooden smoking pipe blocks or blanks have been assigned by analogy to Code 2735 provided that sawing equipment similar to that of a last block manufacturer is used.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 3.93

Construction Exemption Required: No