Class Code: 2731

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 2731 is applied to insureds principally engaged in the production of dressed lumber, flooring, baseboards, molding, trim, dowels and other planed or molded wooden products which are not assembled. The operations generally involve the receipt of rough lumber, which may be sawed and then molded into various sizes and shapes using power-driven rippers, planers and molders.

Code 2731 is also applied to the manufacture of excelsior (slender, curved wood shavings used for packing purposes). The manufacture of wood shavings is assigned to Code 2710 when these operations take place in a sawmill environment using raw materials (logs) and machinery typically found in a sawmill.

Code 2731 also contemplates firms that “remanufacture” lumber. These insureds rip lumber which has been purchased from others into smaller widths and/or lengths for their customers. This code does not contemplate a lumberyard operation at which courtesy ripping operations are performed for customers.

The manufacturing of picture frame molding is classified to Code 2731. The assembly of picture frames from manufactured parts is classified to Code 2881.

State Addendum
Massachusetts Refer to Code 2710 for the manufacture of excelsior (wood shavings). Refer to Code 2883 for the assembly of picture frames from manufactured parts.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.95

Construction Exemption Required: No