Class Code: 2702

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 2702 applies to all types of logging and tree removal operations regardless of the size of timber being harvested or removed. It is assigned to the cutting of young trees 2 to 3 inches in diameter used for fence posts and fence sections as well as the felling of huge trees several feet in diameter. It applies to stump removal when the operation is performed in connection with other logging or tree removal operations. Code 2702 applies to insureds that produce wood for grinding into pulp for paper production and logging done by specialty-type machinery, which cuts the tree off at the base and also may convert the timber into chips.

Slash piling and burning, when performed by employees of the logging operation, is classified to Code 2702. Slash piling and burning is described as pushing together all logging debris by tractors or hand, reducing large pieces to manageable sizes using chain saws, and burning debris. Refer to Code 7710 or Code 7711 for any prescribed burning.

The classification includes the construction, maintenance, or extension of logging roads. However, the construction of main and secondary access roads by logging contractors under specifications of the Forestry Service of the United States Department of Agriculture, which are to be subsequently retained and serve as permanent roads, will be separately rated as Code 5507—Street or Road Construction, where proper payroll records are maintained. Either Code 2702—Logging or Tree Removal—Nonmechanized Operations or Code 2709—Logging or Tree Removal—Mechanized Equipment Operators applies to all other access road construction performed by logging contractors who cut timber.

Analogy Assignments:

•    Code 2702 applies to tree and incidental brush removal when clearing land in connection with housing developments and golf courses where there is substantial timber cutting involved.
•    The thinning of timberland or mitigation of fires by removing small trees using chain saws is considered within the scope of this classification.


Equipment and Materials:

•    Chain saws
•    Brush saws
•    Portable wood-chipping equipment

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 2702:

•    Brush removal performed by a specialty contractor and not performed in connection with timber cutting should be assigned to Code 6217—Excavation and Drivers.
•    Transportation of logs to the mill, when performed by employees of the logging operation or by independent truckers, is classified to Code 2701—Logging or Tree Removal—Log Hauling & Drivers.


(N/A AK, FL, ID, MA, MT, OR, TX)


Clearing right-of-ways for electric or power lines, telephone or telegraph lines, or burglar or fire alarm lines may involve tree removal, tree pruning, or tree stump removal.

The following classification assignments apply to work involving trees for those risks contracting exclusively for clearing right-of-ways:

2702 Tree removal of standing timber using hand or power tools for the purpose of clearing right-of-ways on an undeveloped site.
6217 Clearing or removal of brush using mechanical equipment such as bulldozers, hydroaxes, etc., for the purpose of clearing right-of-ways on an undeveloped or developed site.
0106 Tree pruning, spraying, and repairing for the purpose of maintaining right-of-ways or clearing existing right-of-ways on a developed site. Incidental tree removal of one or a few trees on a developed site conducted in connection with tree pruning, spraying, and repairing operations is also assigned to Code 0106. Code 0106 is differentiated from Code 2702—Logging or Tree Removal—Nonmechanized Operations because under Code 0106 a tree is removed by cutting it into sections. Also, due to limited clearance from structures, a guide rope is used as needed to direct the fall of the tree.


(N/A TX)

Note:  Includes incidental brush cutting and removal.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 6.37

Construction Exemption Required: No