Class Code: 2585

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 2585 applies to those insureds who engage in laundering operations which are not otherwise classified. The classification includes both retail or wholesale laundries.

Code 2585 contemplates the soliciting of new customers by route supervisors or drivers; collecting and delivering; marking, weighing and sorting laundry; washing, extracting, tumbling, starching and drying; machine or hand ironing; mending, folding and wrapping. A collecting or distributing store operated on the premises where laundering is performed is classified under Code 2585 as are counter personnel, receiving clerks, sorters and markers at such locations.

Risks which specialize in the stone washing of jeans for manufacturers are contemplated by Code 2585.

As evidenced by this code’s cross-reference, Code 2585 contemplates carpet cleaning, diaper services, rug cleaners and upholstery cleaners.

By analogy, the laundering of nonclothing or nonfabric goods is classified to Code 2585. Examples of these materials include but are not limited to venetian blinds, plastic goods or computer parts.

Certain Code 2585 operations are designated as “not otherwise classified” (NOC). These NOC operations shall apply to an insured only when no other classification more specifically describes the insured’s operations. The following is a representative list of classifications somewhat related in nature to Code 2585 operations that are not assigned to Code 2585:

2586 Cleaning or Dyeing    
2589 Laundry and Dry Cleaning Store—Retail    
2587 Towel or Toilet Supply Co.    

In addition to this representative list, one should review sources such as the alphabetical index in this manual to determine whether a classification other than Code 2585 or a classification other than one on the above list is applicable to the operations being reviewed for classification purposes.

State Addendum
Massachusetts Combined laundry and dry cleaning operations, retail or wholesale in nature, conducted at a single location are properly assigned to Class Codes 2585 and 2586, in accordance with Rule IV-D-4 outlined in the MA Manual (Code 2589 N/A MA). Self-service laundromats not providing laundering services are assigned to Code 8017—Store—Retail.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.62

Construction Exemption Required: No