Class Code: 2570

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

 The products falling within this classification are stuffed mattresses, spring mattresses or box springs. Unprocessed or processed fillers such as hair, cotton, kapok cotton liners, silk floss, and felt as well as fabrics to be used for covers, coiled springs, burlap, twine and dressed frames are received. Treatment of filler material such as carding, willowing, picking, garnetting and cleaning is contemplated within this classification. Coil springs can be tied together and padded or individual pockets of muslin can be sewn for each coil spring. Also, springs can be joined and attached to the frame. Covers are cut to size and sewn on three sides and slipped over only the filler or filler and spring or box spring assembly. The fourth side is then sewn closed. There can be tufting operations and occasionally upholsterers’ tape may be tacked to the box springs.

Code 2570 is applicable to those mattress or box spring manufacturers who purchase layer cotton felt, innerspring units and wood frames from others and assemble these materials to form mattresses or box springs.

The manufacture of pillows, quilts or cushions when performed by a mattress manufacturer is assigned to Code 2570. Code 2570 also contemplates the manufacture of mattresses from prepurchased component parts such as springs, pads, foam, fabric and other related parts.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.84

Construction Exemption Required: No