Class Code: 2503

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 2503 is applied to insureds engaged in the custom manufacture of garments such as suits and dresses on a made-to-order basis for individuals. Code 2503 is only available for risks that meet the requirements of this code’s phraseology. For example, a clothing store that sells garments manufactured by others may offer custom garment manufacturing on an accommodation basis. This “accommodation,” unless operated as a separate and distinct business, would not qualify for Code 2503 but would be included under the store code applicable to the employer’s business.

Code 2503 encompasses the showing of sketches and fabrics; modeling samples; taking measurements; cutting, basting and draping; and fitting garments on customers. Employees operate sewing machines, but there is usually a high degree of hand sewing and finishing. Frequently there are preliminary fittings of the garment to ensure proper size and cut. Clothing is then altered as required and finished prior to the final fitting of the garment. A customer may order several of a kind, possibly in different fabrics, all of which, however, would be intended for such individual as the ultimate user.

Tailor shop operations may be also classified to Code 8017. However, “tailor shop,” as used in this context, refers to operations that engage in repair and/or alteration of garments that were manufactured by others. While a Code 2503 risk may also engage in repair or alteration of garments manufactured by others, the principal business of the risk classified to Code 2503 is the manufacture of custom-made garments and, when necessary, the repair and/or alteration of these garments.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 0.72

Construction Exemption Required: No