Class Code: 2417

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Applies to employers that perform machine printing of all fabrics, silk, cotton, wool, etc. In general, cloth is received from textile manufacturing plants together with instructions on how the printing is to be performed. The employer will make up the silk screens to the customer’s desired designs and place the screens in machines which automatically print the cloth. The machines perform the printing as well as the drying and curing in one continuous operation.

The following distinguishes between three possible codes that may apply to silk screen printing.

Code 2501 applies to the silk screening of individual garments, caps, etc., done by hand. This code applies to operations done by hand or through the use of a machine of a multiport nature where a number of garments may be loaded onto the machine at the same time. This type of machine resembles an octopus or carousel and usually applies a different color at each of a number of ports around the machine to create a multicolor picture or pattern.

Code 2417 applies to the silk screening of rolls of cloth using machinery similar to commercial printing presses found in print shops. This code must not be assigned to an employer performing operations described by another classification.

Code 2413 applies to silk screening of rolls of cloth when an employer is in the business of processing crude cloth into finished cloth and as part of this process performs machine silk screening of the cloth. In the event that an employer performs cloth processing but silk screens individual garments by hand, this hand silk screening operation is assigned to Code 2501 with the remainder of the cloth processing operation assigned to Code 2413.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.46

Construction Exemption Required: No