Class Code: 2402

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 2402 is applied to insureds engaged in the manufacture of tufted carpets or rugs made of cotton, wool and synthetic fibers. Pile yarn, jute backing and liquid latex are received from outside sources. The pile yarn is sewn to pre-woven jute backing with a high-speed machine using hundreds of needles. These tufts are left in loop form or cut at the top with electrical cutting devices, if cut pile carpeting is desired. Tufts are then firmly attached to the backing by means of a rubberized latex compound. In applying the latex to the backing, the carpet is passed on rollers over a vat of latex applying a liquid as it rolls; then the carpet passes into a dryer to dry the latex. Tufting machines, infrared dryers, electric cutting knives, looms and sewing machines may be used in these processes.

Code 2402 includes insureds that manufacture nylon carpet pads that are made only from fibers. Nylon is purchased in bales and put through a “breaker” machine that opens the nylon up and then lays it down into a web. The product then goes into a “needler” machine that needles the nylon web into the carpet pads. No wool or cotton is used in this process.

State Addendum
Massachusetts Refer to Code 2220 for those insureds engaged in the manufacture of carpets, rugs or carpet pads made from jute or hemp.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.96

Construction Exemption Required: No