Class Code: 2388

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 2388 is assigned to insureds engaged in embroidering textile fabrics. Embroidery backings such as cloth, paper and silk, wool, cotton, rayon, nylon or other synthetic yarns are received from outside sources. A pattern is punched on paper strips and these strips are then run through embroidering machines which automatically stitch the desired designs upon the cloth. The cloth is removed and in some cases designs are cut out, defects are repaired on sewing machines and the fabric is packed for shipment. Embroidering operations using computer-driven embroidery devices are additionally contemplated by Code 2388.

A division of payroll is not permitted for embroidery operations on clothing manufactured by the same insured. As Code 2501—Cloth, Canvas and Related Products Mfg. includes finishing operations, risks engaged in embroidery operations on clothing which has been manufactured by the same risk are classified in their entirety to Code 2501 without a division of payroll for Code 2388.

The following operations are additionally contemplated by Code 2388: Nailhead Ornamentation—attaching of nailheads or similar articles to textile fabrics by means of foot presses; Pleating and Stitching or Tucking—women’s dress fabrics or trimmings—not clothing mfg.; and Trimmings or Ribbons—hand sewing on finished garments.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.14

Construction Exemption Required: No