Class Code: 2302

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 2302 applies to a risk that will buy silk or synthetic fiber and convert it into thread and/or yarn. The term “throwing” is used in the industry to describe the combining or twisting together of several filament fibers to form the thread. The process includes winding, cleaning, doubling, rewinding and reeling. The step described as “winding” involves the winding of yarn on cones. The term “reeling” is applied to the reeling of yarn into skein form. The cones or skeins are then sent to knitting firms. The industry also uses a waste product (spun silk) which is broken silken fibers or natural silk which is incapable of being reeled, or fluff and cleanings recovered from raw silk as it undergoes the throwing process. Scouring, picking, carding, combing, spinning and reeling operations are used to produce the product in skein form. The above operations are performed by a silk throwing and weaving insured but instead of shipping the yarn or thread, it may be dyed and then woven into fabric. The yarn is processed in a warping machine followed by winding on wooden quills which fit into the shuttle that weaves the finished cloth on the loom.

This classification is applied when the weaving risk uses yarns of mixed fibers, where the predominating raw material is silk, rayon or synthetic yarn. It is also used for the weaving of glass yarn.

A risk need not engage in both spinning and weaving operations to qualify for this classification. This classification contemplates risks that engage in weaving goods contemplated by this scope from premanufactured fibers, even though the risk does not engage in any spinning operations.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.57

Construction Exemption Required: No