Class Code: 2286

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

This class applies to a risk which spins filament into yarn and further weaves this yarn into cloth. In the spinning phase, the wool must be sorted and blended and then processed through cards to produce the loose wool roping that is placed in the spinning mules and spun into yarn. The yarn is twisted on a yarn twisting machine or it may be used single spun. In some cases the yarn may be combined with cotton or rayon stock. The yarn is wound onto beams or bobbins. The yarn then goes to the looms for weaving. The resultant cloth is dyed, run through a fulling process, washed and sheared. Wool yarn manufacturing covers a risk that processes raw wool into yarn. Wool is cleaned to remove grease and dirt by washing, scouring and picking. This is followed by the carding operation to straighten out tangled fibers. A combing operation separates long fibers from shorter ones and the fibers are then made into a strand called a “sliver,” about one-half inch thick. The sliver goes to the drawhead, which will pull and twist it slightly and after this operation the fiber is ready for spinning into wool yarn.

A risk need not engage in both spinning and weaving operations to qualify for this classification. This classification contemplates risks that engage in weaving goods contemplated by this scope from premanufactured fibers, even though the risk does not engage in any spinning operations.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 1.35

Construction Exemption Required: No