Class Code: 2121

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 2121 is applied to insureds engaged in the operation of a brewery. It covers all of the operations necessary to produce beer or ale as well as the filling of the brewed product into kegs, bottles or cans. Warehouses and distributing stations maintained by breweries at the brewery or at other locations within the state where the beer or ale is brewed are contemplated within Code 2121. Brewery employees who erect or repair signs used to advertise their employer’s product also fall within the scope of this classification.

“Brew pubs” or restaurants that brew their own beer do not qualify for Code 2121. The preparation of beer by the restaurant is considered analogous to any other consumable that the restaurant may prepare for consumption by the restaurant’s customers. Refer to Codes 9082 and 9084 to determine the proper classification for these restaurants.

State Addendum
Massachusetts “Brew pubs” or restaurants that brew their own beer for consumption by the restaurant’s customers are assigned, by analogy, to Code 9079—Restaurant NOC. (Codes 9082 and 9084 are N/A MA.)

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 0.96

Construction Exemption Required: No