Class Code: 2089

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

This classification covers insureds engaged in the preparation of fresh meat and meat products including the handling and slaughtering of livestock. Its scope contemplates pen maintenance and killing room operations. The dressing, boning and chilling of beef, pork, sheep and calves and the processing of some cuts into meat products fall under Code 2089. Some of these processed products are cured hams, smoked tongues and bacon (including bacon slicing), pickled or preserved beef and pork cuts, frankfurters, bologna, etc. Additional operations covered under this class are rendering, lard refining, butter substitutes manufacturing, washing of casings, sausage manufacturing, salting of hides, cooking of offal, processing of the viscera and fertilizer manufacturing. Some of the prepared meats are packed in cans, bottles or jars, sealed and cooked in vats.

The following clarifies the distinctions between Codes 2081 and 2089 for classification purposes. Although both classifications contemplate butchering or slaughtering and the handling of livestock, the packing house classification, Code 2089, is applied to those insureds whose operations involve meat processing beyond the point of cutting, boning and dressing for distribution to customers such as wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and hotels. In order to qualify for Code 2089, the risk’s principal operations must be that of processing meat. Processing meat includes but is not limited to processes such as smoking or curing hams, bacon manufacturing, pickling or otherwise preserving beef or pork cuts and, in many cases, the packaging of meat products in the form that they will be subsequently sold to the consumer. Insureds that do not process meat as described above but only engage in sausage manufacturing and butchering operations that involve cutting of steaks, chops, roasts and incidental grinding of meat are assigned to Code 2081.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.62

Construction Exemption Required: No