Class Code: 2070

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 2070 covers the processing of raw milk received from outside sources. The pasteurization to produce milk and cream and the further processing to produce buttermilk, cottage cheese, solid cheeses, and butter fall within the scope of this classification. The code further contemplates the bottling, packaging, storage, and distribution of these products. Employers engaged solely in the manufacture of cheese or butter are assigned to Code 2070 as well as employers that operate milk depots or act solely as milk dealers. Employers that collect, sort, recondition, and redistribute milk bottles also fall under this classification. Bottles are picked up at creameries, milk dealers, etc. At the exchange they are put on conveyor belts, run through washing machines, and placed onto another conveyor for sorting. Defective bottles are removed, and sorted bottles are placed in containers for delivery to their owners.

The production of raw milk is classified to Code 0036—Farm—Dairy & Drivers.

State Addendum
Massachusetts The processing of raw milk is an operation that is to be separately rated under Code 2070 in accordance with MA Manual Rule IV-D-4. Accordingly, the raw milk need not be received from outside sources for a risk to qualify for assignment to Code 2070.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 3.29

Construction Exemption Required: No