Class Code: 2021

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 2021 applies to mills where sugarcane is received and crushed or rolled to obtain the juice. The juice is lime-treated, heated, and pumped into settling tanks. The syrup is then run through centrifugal extractors, removing the molasses, and then through a process of drying and crystallization. The crystallized or raw sugar is then filtered, cleaned, screened, and conveyed to the packaging department where it is bagged, stored, or shipped. Molasses and sugar syrups resulting from the processing operations are heat-treated, skimmed, blended, canned, or pumped into storage pending shipment.

Code 2021 applies to insureds that manufacture sugar from sugar beets. The beets are washed, sliced, and cooked. The juice is then purified, filtered, evaporated, and crystallized. The centrifugual extractors separate the syrup from the sugar crystals, which are then dried, granulated, and made ready for packing.

Analogy Assignments:

•    Code 2021 is also applicable to honey processing. In the event that an insured also raises the bees that produce the honey, the entire operation (bee raising and honey processing) is assigned to Code 0034.

Equipment and Materials:

•    Mill machinery—slicer, crusher, purifier, diffuser, boiler, centrifuge, etc.
•    Refinery machinery—washer, purifier, crystallizer, and granulator
•    Packaging materials—bags, labels, boxes, pallets, etc.
•    Storage silos

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 2021:

•    Receiving station employees to be separately rated as Code 8209.
•    Glucose manufacturing is classified to Code 4703.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.70

Construction Exemption Required: No