Class Code: 1642

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 1642 is applied to insureds actually engaged in the manufacture of lime from limestone in that it contemplates the use of kilns in which the operation of limestone burning or calcination produces lime or quicklime. The lime drops off to receiving hoppers where it is drawn off, cooled and stored. This classification also contemplates the manufacture of hydraulic lime and hydrated lime. Hydraulic lime is produced from impure limestone and will harden under water. This type of lime is not manufactured or used to any great extent in this country. Hydrated lime is manufactured from quicklime. The granulated quicklime is agitated in a closed vessel with water. The product is a fine, white, airy powder about three times the bulk of the original quicklime.

Code 1642 includes surface quarries operated by lime manufacturers, provided that at least 75% of the stone quarried is used in the actual lime manufacture. If more than 25% of the quarry output is used for other than lime manufacture, such operations will be classified under 1624—Quarry NOC & Drivers.

The crushing of the limestone at the quarry site prior to processing at the plant is included within this classification. Code 1642 does not apply to the production of crushed stone to produce agricultural lime. Refer to Code 1624 for this exposure.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 2.02

Construction Exemption Required: No