Class Code: 1438

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 1438 is applied to insureds engaged in the extraction of non-ferrous metal from ore or ore concentrates. This normally begins with the receiving and stockpiling of ore followed by crushing, washing and screening. There may be various steps of milling, concentration or amalgamation preparatory to the sintering of the ore. The sintering is undertaken in rotary kilns or other types of furnaces. This may be followed by crushing the sintered ore preparatory to the actual smelting or reduction process. The molten metal that results is then cast into ingots. In many cases, small amounts of impurities may be removed by further refining in a furnace. Modern technology involves refinements in the basic extraction of metals. For example, acid or caustic leaching are common in the extraction of metals such as aluminum or uranium while other metals such as copper or manganese may involve electrolysis as a part of the process. These variations are considered to be within the scope of this classification.

Code 1438 additionally encompasses porcelain frit or steel grit manufacturing.

Certain Code 1438 operations are designated as “not otherwise classified” (NOC). These NOC operations shall apply to an insured only when no other classification more specifically describes the insured’s operations. The following is a representative list of classifications somewhat related in nature to Code 1438 operations that are not assigned to Code 1438:

3081 Foundry—Ferrous
3085 Foundry—Non-Ferrous
3082 Foundry—Steel Castings
1452 Ore Milling
1430 Smelting, Sintering or Refining—Lead

In addition to this representative list, one should review sources such as the alphabetical index in this manual to determine whether a classification other than Code 1438 or a classification other than one on the above list is applicable to the operations being reviewed for classification purposes.

State Addendum
Massachusetts Code 1438 also applies to insureds engaged in mineral insulation manufacturing: “rock wool.” The production of expanded shale aggregate, vermiculite, perlite and fiberglass used to form insulation material is also assigned to Code 1438.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 3.15

Construction Exemption Required: No