Class Code: 0908

Per NCCI's Scopes Code Description:

Code 0908 applies to part-time domestic workers engaged exclusively in household or domestic work performed inside or outside the insured’s residence. This would include a cook, housekeeper, laundry worker, maid, butler, resident caretaker, companion, nanny, private chauffeur, and gardener. Companions are limited to providing supervision and companionship to individuals. Part-time applies to any domestic worker who is employed 20 hours or less. Au pairs or domestic workers who are compensated by room and board are considered to be full-time.

Domestic workers are employed directly by the resident owner, the estate of the owner, or family of the resident. Domestic workers employed by a business, other than a business described by Code 0917, are also classified to Code 0908 or Code 0913.

In regard to maintenance, repair or construction activities, Code 0908 includes ordinary and/or minor repair or maintenance of the insured’s premises or equipment when performed by part-time domestic workers. Building maintenance or repair by employees hired only for that purpose must be assigned to Code 9015—Buildings—NOC. Extraordinary repairs, alterations, new construction, erection, or demolition of structures must be assigned to construction or erection classifications.

Special Conditions:

Refer to the Basic Manual for additional information on the treatment and premium computation of domestic workers.

Related Operations Not Classified to Code 0908:

•    Refer to Code 8835 for companions or personal assistants who also engage in providing physical assistance in the activities of daily living and/or nursing care.
•    Code 0908 does not apply to outside domestic workers at any location where commercial farm operations are conducted; refer to the appropriate farming classification.

Rate per $100. of Renumeration: $ 179.00

Construction Exemption Required: No